Name Cards can be of various types. Though the most common type still uses good quality thick paper as the base material, various other materials have emerged which can be used to make really attractive Name Cards. These can be Spot UV Name Cards, where heavy Art Cards (260 to 350 gsm) are first wrapped in Matt or Velvet Lamination and then treated with Spot UV. These cards are durable and protect the artwork inside against bad usage or inclement weather. But the Plastic card beats all other cards in sheer indestructibility and durability. A Plastic Business Card is not only durable, but it is tear resistant and waterproof.

Making the Plastic Name Cards

The first step is to digitally design the card according to the customer’s desires and then upload the card design onto the digital system. Then an Inkjet Printer must be used to print the card onto the plastic sheet. A Laser Printer cannot be used as the laser will burn the plastic sheet and destroy both the sheet and the printer. A transparent plastic sheet of the right thickness is the best. After printing the PVC sheet must be laminated with matt finish for protection of the print.

The Advantages

The Plastic Business Card is almost indestructible, and has a smooth shiny feel to the surface. Made from high quality PVC plastic they are sturdy, lightweight and stylish. Often made with the height and width of a Credit Card (2.13” X 3.37”), they create a lasting impression.