GRC Pits Installation: Control Stormwater Flow And Distribution

A stormwater pit is a storage device and water collection; it holds all the running stormwater. It is not an in-ground tank as the others describe it. The concrete stormwater pits are designed to cope with a volume of stormwater running through pipes to prevent flooding and drain the water away.

What was it used for?

Concrete pits are designed to drain groundwater and drain excess rain from surfaces where the water stocks or gathers, especially along car parks, parking lots, footpaths, etc. The surface and rainwater runoff flows to the plastic compartment, underground concrete, or stormwater pit underground.

Again, the storage pits can be in the form of a water tank, but it is not a storage water tank. Instead, it served as a water controller for good rainwater distribution to prevent flooding. The concrete stormwater pits collect excess water and will keep flooding during heavy rain.

How is the process of rainwater control?

With help of the stormwater pit, it holds the stormwater while running off while the rainwater is slowly discharged through the connected system of the drainage pipes. There is also another collection method for stormwater called soak-well. Soak-well method holds the water until it is gradually absorbed by the surrounding soil.

Concrete pits sizes

The sizes of the stormwater concrete pit vary depending on where to use it, from around the house, and commercially to around the city. The drains are fed by water when raining from:

  • Gutters
  • Roads

Many rainwater drainage systems are designed to move untreated stormwater directly to lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Stormwater Pit Useful Life - LGAM Knowledge Base

Features of concrete pits

There are features of a good concrete stormwater pit, which may include:

  • Quality. Each pit has 2 swift lift lifters to prevent shattering once the rainwater knocks out holes. There are knockouts on all sides. The steel fiber reinforcing is engineered to ensure durability and strength that makes your concrete pits withstand the volume of rainwater that passes from the sources.
  • Safety. It has a steel bar safety cage, manufactured to the highest standards. The smooth concrete finishes from the inside and out have no sharp edges, missing chunks, and protruding fibers. The risers are available.

Why choose GRC pits?

GRC pits are made from a composite of glass fiber and concrete; these two materials guarantee that the manufacturing of the pit is not only durable but ensures strength as well. The distribution of glass fiber of the entire product enables the pits constructed without the steel reinforcement requirement. Glass-reinforced technology allows maximum strength achieved in much thinner sections, the outcome is a product design that is lighter than the traditional steel-reinforced concrete without compromising durability and strength.

Keep your property safe from unwanted rainwater flow distribution and possible incidents that can damage your property and the neighborhood by installing GRC pits.