Hot Tub Maintenance – How To Keep Your Water Clean?

It is very important to go for hot tub maintenance to keep water sparkling clean. This may enhance your spa enjoyment. Even though maintenance might take a little time, but it is worth an effort to have the clean & healthy spa where you may soak in after the long day of work. There’re a lot of reasons why the water in a hot tub will be cloudy, foamy, discolored and cause you skin irritations. Majority of these will get cleared up quickly with right testing and adding right chemical component to your hot tub water or going for Hot Tub Maintenance Sparta NJ. Some tips can improve your enjoyment of hot tub…

Cloudy Water

  • Try to clean the filter and remove any kind of dirt & particles.
  • It might have Total Dissolved Solids level. Suppose it is a case, it is suggested that hot tub get totally drained & refilled.
  • Test for pH level of your tub. If it’s not at a correct level, then use pH solution for bringing this in a correct level.
  • Suppose it has the high calcium level, then drain the tub and refill. – suppose there are any dissolved solids in water, add clarifier to do this trick.
  • Suppose you have the high bacteria level then you must add sanitizer in the water.

The best option will be taking help of the professional hot tub maintenance sparta nj to enjoy your spa experience.

hot tub maintenance sparta njDiscolored Water

  • You might have high mineral count in which you have to add the stain & scale preventative.
  • Suppose water starts getting green, yellow, brown, discolored and dingy look you might have many problems.
  • Check sanitizer level & add more if you find it low. Green water will indicate the algae growth that will get deterred by adding the sanitizer.
  • Test alkaline level & add pH and Alkalinity Up to hot tub water for clarifying it. Generally, yellow water means there is the low pH & pH and Alkalinity Up must be added.

Excessively Foamy Water

  • Water is contaminated.
  • Water has high TDS level.
  • Water is soft.
  • Add stain or scale preventative, Alkalinity Up or pH and sanitizers in the water.


Do wear righty protective gear when you are handling any spa chemicals or cleaning filters. It is always better to leave this task to the professionals only.