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The edutrust certification Scheme is as follows:

Edutrust is a voluntary accreditation system for private education institutes (PEIS) in Singapore open to anybody who wishes to participate. When a private education school meets the requirements for edutrustaccreditation, it is recognized as having met the criteria in the following areas:

  • The administration of the school
  • Education services are being provided.
  • Financial well-being

How must many private education schools be Edutrust certified to operate legally?

Although participation in the edutrustcertification system is entirely optional, private educational institutions that enrollinternational students must be edutrust-certified. This is necessary to satisfy one of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority requirements for the issuance of Student Passes.

Edu Value is the market leader in ERF, edutrust Consulting, and Quality Assurance Frameworks for private education institutions (PEIS) in Singapore, governed by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). Eduvalueis headquartered in Singapore.

Services provided by edutrustgo beyond conventional consultancy and include assisting PEIS with the application and renewal of ERF and edutrustCertification. They also put in place specific procedures and processes to ensure that your institution is fully aligned with the criteria of both the ERF and the edu trust applications.

Institutions of higher learning in the private sector may seek to be accredited under the edutrustCertification Scheme. Private schools that regularly maintain a high level of quality in the entire provision of education services and those that make continuous changes that result in good student results are recognized under this quality assurance system.They provide services for the private school industry.


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