Charity and philanthropy are two of the most important traits that one can possess. With charities, you help the less privileged¬† and give back to the society. Hailing from the eminent charitable Dawood family, Bashir Dawood has given grand help to those who are concentrated in the medicinal field. Notwithstanding supporting Pakistan’s originally committed organ transplant focus, bashir dawood has empowered the joining of various careful offices into the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi. He also supported the most recent Brain Surgery Technology at AKUH Breakthrough surgical suites inside the Aga Khan University Hospital donated by Bashir Dawood offer unrivaled assistance in various conditions. Negligibly intrusive medical procedures that are not catered for beforehand for being currently accessible through the enhanced offices at the educating clinic. These suites, that are now being equipped with coordinated working rooms, empower doctors to work with more effect than any time in recent memory. New devices have been made accessible for enhanced accuracy, and patient data are all the most quickly available to clinicians. This has all been done to enhance the personal satisfaction for patients inside the complex. The state of the art medical equipments present in the Complex is as follows




 The great philanthropist puts a lot of money into charity work and helping the medical industry. The Aga Khan University Hospital is unbelievably glad to be one of the main health facilities outside North America to give this best level of neurosurgery gear and services to patients.

A Neurobiotic Exoscope, the Penetero Microscope and a Deep Brain Stimulation gadget have all been added to the Neurological suite at AKUH because of the gifts of Bashir Dawood.

This driving neurological suite conveys AKUH one bit nearer to accomplishing the objective of turning into a world pioneer in neurosciences.