The significance of immigration medical exam

You may be excited to shift to the United States for work or start a new life, but a green car medical examination is a significant immigration process. The purpose of a green card medical exam is to ensure that the particular person is in the right physical state. Also, an immigration medical exam in Hawaii verifies whether you got vaccinated against illnesses. Many don’t have any idea about this process and they usually get nervous about this exam. With adequate preparation, you could make the entire process much easier.

Things to follow before immigration physical:

Right paperwork:

One of the significant things that you should consider is preparing for the exam. You should come with the right paperwork and forms for the physical exam. Before you make an appointment for the medical exam, it is good to ask for the details of what documents needed to be submitted during the physical exam. So, ensure you have all documents with you during the exam.

Vaccinated records:

USCIS wants their resident and community to be safe. Therefore, they check whether you have been vaccinated against some diseases that would help you and your community to stay safe. If you fail to take the records with you, then they would take an additional test that leads to additional cost.

Be honest:

You will be asked various questions related to your health history. If you have any health conditions or taking a treatment, then you should say the complete information to the physician. You should hide any health history. They will fill in complete information in the document, so it is recommended to be honest during your physical exam.


After the complete immigration medical exam in Hawaii, your reports will be sealed. If the reports are opened or made any changes, then it leads to rejection. You can follow up to know the status of the form. You will have an appointment to declare whether you qualified for the test or not. If you are qualified for the exam, then the immigration physical will be valid for two years. Hence, the above are a few things that you should follow to get results in your favor.