Tips for Your Kid’s First Trip to the Movies

There are movies for every type of person. There are movies suitable forkids to the old aged people. The world of movies is vast and expanding at a very rapid pace. When you were unmarried or even when you had no kids, visiting a theatre was very easy. If you liked the trailer or the actor or actress, you could just pick up your wallet or purse and you were good to go. But if you have kids, going to a theatre gets tougher. By following the below tips, you can make your kids first visit a memorable one.

Choosing the movie

If it’s your kid’s first time, you would want to make the experience memorable by choosing the right film. In general, choosing an animatedmovie will be an ideal choice for your child. Most kids like animatedor cartoon movies. Look out for movies which are slow paced so that your kid can follow and enjoythe show. There are certain art house theatres which have special movie screenings for kids. These places can be very exciting for your kid.

fmoviesPlanning it right

Kids areeasier to handle earlier in the day. So, deciding to go to the theatres to watch a movie in the first half of the day is a very good choice. Feed your kid well before takingthem to the theatres as they might start crying during the movie because of hunger. In this way, your kid will not watch the movie butcry instead. You can also buy popcorn or candy or any other foodstuffs for your kid so that they can eat and enjoy the show together. Do not forget to carry a bottle of water along with you to the theatres for your kid.


If you keep the above things in your mind, your kid is likely to remember theirfirst-time experience in the theatre for a very long time. If your kid is very young, avoid taking them to watch action-packed movies. These movies usually have loud sound effects and graphic images that might not be suitable for their age. Instead, take your kid to the movies which are specially made of their ages. If you do not want to go out to the theatres, you can visit websites which provide free movies online.