Why watch “Don” movie online.. see the reasons

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: NagarjunaAkkineni, Anushka, Raghava Lawrence, Nikita, Kelli Dorge

Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction:Raghava Lawrence

Cinematography: S. Gopal Reddy

Produced by: M.L. Kumar Chowdary on Sri Keerthi Creations


AkkineniNagarjuna, who has introduced many new directors to the silver screen through his films, has also introduced dance director Raghava Lawrence as a director through his “Mass” Movie and has been a huge hit.  Repeating this hit combination again after the Mass movie… Nagarjuna surprised the industry by giving another super hit to the audience as Don in the Year 2007. You can check in aha videos.


Nagarjuna’s movies, which released in December month, have been super hits.  That is why the producer, director, and hero of the film seem to release the movie Don in December itself.  All in all, Don was released in December. The film also became another super hit.

While coming to see the story of Don movie, Suri (Nagarjuna) has the philosophy of standing up for the poor by fighting for justice from an early age.  That is why he stands as a don on behalf of orphaned children who are being wronged at the hands of gangsters.  One of the orphans, Raghava (Lawrence), approaches Don.  Reaches the level where Dan is called Anna (brother). Orphans and the poor contact Don whenever they have a problem.  Meanwhile,Raghava starts searching for a girl to marry Don. Meanwhile, Priya (Anushka), the daughter of Murthy (Chalapathirao) with her right-hand standing, wins Dan’s heart.  Raghava, on the other hand, also falls in love with Nandini (Nikhita).  If this is the case here, then international Don Stephen (Kelly Dorge) will start trying to capture Andhra Pradesh as well.  Stephen felt Suri as a big obstacle to this.  So, how did Stephen step in Andhra Pradesh?  How does Suri stop Stephen? How many of Suri’s own circles lose in a battle with Stephen?  What will the climax be like in the end? The rest of the story is a battle for supremacy between the two.


Top reasons why to watch “Don” movie online:

As the entire story of the film is based on the screenplay, Nagarjuna once again showed his strength. Anushka Glamor also worked well. Nagarjuna’s performance and Anushka Glamor are the two major elements in the film worth watching.

Western-type action sequences in the film are a special attraction of this film.

Nagarjuna’s looks, appearance, styling, and costumes are all extraordinary in Don Getup.

Nagarjuna’s portrayal in the film, his heroism, the way director Lawrence portrayed him, and the styling is watched worthy.

Basically, there is no perfection in Nagarjuna dance. Although he is basically a dance director, Lawrence has composed good steps with Nagarjuna not only in the movie Dawn but also in the movie Mass in the past and presented Nagarjuna perfectly in dance.

Anushka was shown more beautifully by the director.

Lawrence, who went on to become not only a dance director but also a director, also became a music director with this film.  In addition, he was as successful as a music director as he was a successful dance director and director.  The tunes he gave for the film as a music director were immensely liked by the mass audience.  The music is a special attraction of the film.  Lawrence did background music magic to further strengthen the scenes in the film.

Finally:  The movie Don will give much entertainment with its action sequence, songs, Anushka’ glamour, dialogues, and dance.  The movie can be seen with the entire family.

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