How to pay in Bitcoin?

Now that you have Bitcoins in your wallet, you’re ready to spend them. Go to an online store that accepts Bitcoin payments, select a product you want to buy, and choose ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ when ordering. You will receive information concerning your organize, the equal cost in bitcoin cash price and two payment option:. If you are using a desktop folder, click on the ‘Pay with Bitcoin Client’ button. This will allow you to unlock your wallet and make a payment. Check the sum details and corroborate it.

Sites that offer bitcoins

To make your first bitcoins in your digital wallet, remember to register on platforms such as Coinbase and receive your first digital currencies for free. This site is recognized for being one of the platforms that deal with bitcoin cash price and the world of cryptocurrencies. The advantage is that by opening a digital wallet on this platform up to $ 100, you can receive $ 10 in return. Once you have pocketed your money, you can do whatever you want with it. What makes the happiness of all the spenders who are looking for a great way to consume without breaking the bank. You can find other platforms, also called bitcoin tap, to make you happy. These sites offer you to earn bitcoins for free without you needing any investment beforehand. To do this, you will only have to watch advertisements or respond to paid surveys. And instead of receiving physical money, you will receive digital money in your account.