Primary Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular investment tools that offer investors with some significant benefits over the traditional investments: high market demand, liquidity, and minimalistic trading. Bitcoin on the cell phones will allow you pay with the simple ways: first scan and then pay. You do not have to sign up or swipe your card or type any PIN, and sign. So, all you have to do to earn bitcoin payments is displaying QR code in the Bitcoin wallet application and allow your clients to scan the smart phone, and use built NFC radio technology.

Control on your money

The bitcoin transactions are secured. No one will charge you any money and make payment for you. Thus, you need to take required steps for protecting your wallet, and Bitcoin will give you total control over money and strong protection level against different kinds of fraud.

Everywhere & anytime

BTC is universal and you do not require any specific software and clients. Just bitcoin wallet addresses and adds to the favorites or sends BTC with just one click. Bitcoin is always up – 24hours, 365 days in a year.

Sending international payments –cheap and fast

Sending BTC across various continents is as simple as sending it across the street. There’re not any banks in way that will make you to wait 2 to 3 business days, and no extra fees to make the international transfer or no special restrictions on minimum and maximum amount that you will send.

Select your fees

Getting bitcoin is totally free! Most of the wallets have got low default fees, as well as higher fees will encourage the faster confirmation of transactions. The fees are not related to an amount transferred, thus it is possible to send around 1000 bitcoins for same fee that it costs for sending one bitcoin.