What’s the Job of Certified Public Accountant or CPA?

The CPA or Certified Public Accountant is the special kind of accountant. Officially it is a title of somebody in United States that has passed Uniform CPA Examination as well as has met a few additional education & experience requirements for getting the certification. The test is grueling as well as needs over 150 hours of the special education. However, what does it mean as the small business owner. Will you need CPA or the regular accountant or a bookkeeper can be enough for your business needs? Most of the people make use of term CPA & accountant interchangeably however, there is the big difference. CPA designation carries high weight within this financial community & certainly within an accounting profession. For more information about it you can check out The United CPA Association and get professional help and become their member.

Services Offered By CPA

In the public accounting, these accounting services offered to the business on contract basis, CPA attests to & gives assurances that the financial statements are accurate and reasonable and adhere to accepted accounting principles. They attest to this reasonableness of disclosures & that statements are totally free from any “material misstatement”. Being an auditor, CPA’s are needed by the professional standards & Federal or State laws just to maintain the independence from entity in which they’re conducting any audit and review, called as attestation.


CPA also can work as the consultant and advising companies on the acceptable business practices or making recommendations on the financial management. Generally, these consultants don’t work as the auditors for the company they’re acting as the consultants. As a part of certification, CPA should complete 40hours of professional education each year to keep with their new rules & regulations in financial, accounting as well as business world. It is a proof of high level of the expectations of this accounting profession for the Certified Public Accountant or CPA.


Normally, Certified Public Accountant or CPA may belong to the state association with an aim of staying updated with accounting community as well as taking continuing education courses.