How Are The New Custom Security Doors Designed? 

Main doors for the houses and offices are crucial for the property’s security. A simple lock and key are no more sufficient where the building owners are now searching for supervised solutions. Doors are themselves improvised to meet the demands of security at all costs. Custom security doors with varied features are the new market trends, and you can find some splendid solutions to upgrade your security standards.

What are the expected standards?

The doors are normally wooden or metallic, which are fit to the wall frames secured with the locks. Compared to the past, the simplest of the doors no longer stand strong against the modern burglary tools, thus require innovative designs.

  • Multi lock facility: New doors demand multiple locks throughout the frame instead of one main handle lock. Custom doors have the feasibility to fix any type of lock and key combinations, from traditional lever locks to digital and scanner locks. The groves are scattered all around the door frame such that the door is fixed firmly. Damage to the single lock at the handle won’t give away the door.
  • High resistance power: Doors should be resistant these days as the burglars use immense tools which shatter simple wood and thin metal easily. Additionally, fire and chemical safety is also desired to overcome the accidental cases or the gas cutting tools if used.
  • Additional features: Since you can customize the doors, why not improvise them to be attentive all the time? The new doors can be fit with alarming systems as well as the locks, which send remote signals to the owner if any fraud trials are applied. Creative patterns, see-through lenses, and even letterbox slots are popular among the new custom doors.

Famous door constructors like Mantonsafe have expertise in various materials and designs. You can find their online inventory for reference or even contact them for pre-order guidance.