Effectiveness of cartomisers over normal cigarette

Cartomisers are the working units of an electronic cigarette in which the e-juice is filled. This e-juice is converted into gaseous form to be inhaled by the user of e-cigs. The use of cartomiser equipped e-cig is increasing day-by-day owing to numerous benefits associated with the use of cartomisers. There are many ways in which cartomisers prove to be more useful and effective as compared to normal tobacco cigarettes. Let us have a look at some of these ways.

Safe mode of smoking- The e-cigs supported by cartomisers prove to be a safe mode of smoking as compared to normal tobacco cigarette. It is because no lighting tools such as lighter or matchsticks are required to light up an e-cig. Hence, any unnecessary or unwanted incidents which occur due to fire are prevented altogether. There is no risk of bursting of the electronic cigarette or catching up fire which makes it quite safe to be used even in public places.

Money-saving- The cartomisers used in electronic cigarette prove to be economical as you need not purchase cartomiser each time it gets exhausted. You just need to get refills for cartomisers which are easily available at all the retail and online stores for some insignificant amount of money and it is far cheaper as compared to buying a whole new cartomiser. Also you can easily refill your cartomiser whenever required.

Cartomiser available in different flavours- Unlike in conventional tobacco cigarette, in which tobacco is the chief ingredient which is a source of pleasure for the smokers, cartomisers used in electronic cigarettes are available in different flavours such as pine apple, cherry, strawberry, menthol and many more.  So you need not stick to just one type of flavour. Rather you can try different flavours each time you refill your cartomiser according to your choice.

Healthy way of smoking- The cartomisers present in an electronic cigarette makes them a healthy mode of smoking for those who can’t quit smoking completely.  It is because no smoke is produced in an electronic cigarette due to the presence of e-juice in liquid form which readily gets converted into gaseous form upon puffing and this gas is then inhaled by the user. This gas is nothing else but the e-juice which is not at all harmful. Also the absence of smoke makes it safe for others around the user to inhale the fresh air which is otherwise contaminated due to smoke produced by a normal cigarette. So cartomisers make e-cigs more effective as far as the health of the user and others is concerned in comparison to tobacco cigarettes.

Help in quitting the habit of smoking- The cartomisers used in an electronic cigarette are available in different nicotine contents. Therefore, one can use any cartomiser for his e-cig depending upon the level of nicotine present in it. It helps in doing away with the habit of smoking gradually. It is especially beneficial for heavy smokers who can’t give up smoking easily. They can first use heavy dose of nicotine in the cartomisers and gradually decrease its level when their craving for nicotine or smoking is reduced considerably. Slowly and slowly they can completely quit smoking by substituting nicotine with some simple flavoured e-juice.