Find the Best Treatment for Back Pain

If you have had to ever live with the chronic back pain, then you know it can be really very annoying. It appears to permeate & affect your day & night! Still you cannot sit still with the pain you feel, you cannot move over without feeling it till you get healthy, life becomes the torment. Luckily, lower back pain treatment singapore do exist to help you out and you have come at a right place.

Take Adequate Rest

The best treatment for lower back pain is taking good rest. Just stay off of the feet for some days till your pain starts to ease. You have to lie on the side with the pillow between the legs, or back with the pillow under the knees. Suppose you lie on the back, you may need the firm surface where you can lie on. Make sure you get up & walk for 15 min after every 2 hours. Don’t stay in your bed for very long, since this can cause the muscles in your lower back to weaken & prolong your problem or make the recovery a bit difficult.

Check Out Other treatments

  • Massage Therapy- Helps to lessen the muscle spasm
  • Acupuncture- Decrease pain & increases activity and session must be done 3 times in a week for the start and increase slowly.
  • Spine adjustment –It can be done by the chiropractor, psychiatrist, osteopath, or physical therapy specialist.

After a session, patient will experience pain free life, and might not need to visit their doctor quite often.