Sound Your Words With Proper Dental Care

Teeth are not only the part of body using for chewing the food it plays important role in giving sound for words. So taking care of teeth is essential which defines your words clearance while communicating. There are the possibilities that tooth can get damage such as broken on incidents, tooth decay, gum receding which may loosen tooth to its root and so many causes. Mainly if want to talk about tooth decaying which is called as dental caries or cavity formation, which is formed by acid produced by the bacteria. Sugar components in food are the reason for acid formation while breaking down food substances. Eating sugar no is the good for teeth.

Types of dental fillingĀ 

dental fillings torrance caWe cannot restrict ourselves not to eat sweets or any tasty food that may cause tooth decay. If so happened and cavities are formed then what can we do to restore or repair tooth. You can do tooth fillings or dental fillings. Dental filling is a medical treatment to restore cavities affected tooth to make structure and functions normal. There are different types of dental fillings available which are based on the materials used in fillings. They are gold fillings, amalgam fillings, composite fillings, ceramic fillings and glass ionomer. HereĀ dental fillings torrance ca is not the solutions for your cavities problem it is just to learn about problems and solutions available to know about, before you reaching dentist.

Few more details on types of fillings you can aware of

Amalgam fillings: it is the formed by mixing of metallic elements. It is very strong so it is good for tooth at the back where the chewing take place. It is one of cheapest fillings.

Composite fillings: it is referred as white fillings as it can be matched to color of the teeth. It is formed in the combination silica, quartz or glasses. Resin also added to it.

Glass ionomer: it is commonly used in low stress area. It will retain for few years only up to five years which is lower than others.

Metal fillings: Gold or silver amalgam are the metals used for fillings. Its duration is higher can withstand for 10-15 years and it is costlier than other types.

Ceramic fillings: it is made of porcelain and white colored. It is expensive as like metal fillings.

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