Why Is Counselling or Psychotherapy Important to People?

Mental health conditions are even more prevalent today. Research has revealed that mental conditions are treatable. Over the years, in the midst of the stigma associated with mental health, more and more people have recognized the importance of modern therapy. Insurance companies now include in their coverage treatment of mental health conditions.

Psychotherapy which is also known as talk therapy has helped many people all over the world. Through talk therapy or counselling like the services offered by Life Supports people heal from their difficult experiences and develop coping strategies they can use to face the future. This also helps them figure out their goals, defining their identity and what they desire in life.

Through talk therapy people will be able to explore their moods and behaviors in a safe environment, meaning without judgment. A mental health professional has the ability to offer a fresh perspective on any issue. He or she can give any person a better understanding and acceptance of their emotions. Therapists also teach communication skills to their patients for them to convey their emotions well. Through therapy, a person can have a better outlook on life, strong self-esteem, and healthy relationships. Therapy is particularly helpful to those who need support in the following concerns:


This is one of the most common mental health conditions. This is a state of chronic misery that hinders a person’s quality of life. Depression has its own symptoms which include loss of appetite, sleep issues, abrupt changes in appetite, nagging feelings of apathy and guilt. There are various types of depression such as dysthymia, seasonal affective disorder, and major depressive disorder.

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Anxiety is another common mental health condition. Half of the individuals who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is different stress that all people experience. It is chronic and ongoing. People who have anxiety feel like they are on the edge all the time. Anxious people often feel that something untoward is about to happen even if this fear is unfounded. Anxiety makes it difficult for a person to control his or her emotions. The person becomes avoidant and overly self-conscious. Through psychotherapy, people with anxiety regain their compass in life. They are given the right context for the emotions they feel by determining the underlying causes. This makes it easy for them to understand their emotions and accept them.

Obsessions and Compulsions

Obsessions are persistent thoughts that delve on a particular goal. On the other hand compulsions are irrational behaviors that the person feels he/she must do repeatedly. A therapist can examine these negative behaviors more objectively. These often result in the revelation of the individual’s negative thought patterns and offer life-changing alternatives to those compulsions. Through psychotherapy, individuals can break away from the cycle of distress.