Different Ways to Use Bespoke Mirrors

Choosing the right mirror to fit in with your home or office décor can be daunting. It is important that you choose the right company that is capable of manufacturing the perfect fit in your interior design. Companies like Glass and Stainless manufactures the best quality of glass and mirror that suits your requirements. While some of the companies offer advice and suggestion on the design and usage, it pays to know the types of bespoke glass as well as its usage.

Here are the different ways you can use bespoke mirrors.

The common use of bespoke mirrors

The majority of bespoke mirrors are intended for domestic use, but some companies also manufacture and fit mirrors in factories and offices. Large rectangular mirror designs are often used behind the reception desk of hotels or office buildings. It can also be found inside or in the opposite elevators, this prevents people from feeling too claustrophobic when inside.

Below are mirrors that are commonly used in offices and buildings:

–    Arched mirrors

–    Rectangular mirrors

–    Circular mirrors

–    Overmantle mirrors

–    Abstract and theme shaped mirrors.

–    Oval mirrors

–    Square mirrors

–    Large mirrors for industrial or commercial premises.

–    Mirror Tiles

bespoke glassFor the sports and leisure industry

Bespoke mirrors have become a must in sports halls and gymnasiums. With the length of at least six feet tall and can often stretch the entire length of the room. Gym goers exercise in front of the full-length mirror, not because they’re vain but because they want to keep in check their posture and whether they are doing it correctly. This also applies to ballet schools, it is vital for them to maintain correct posture and form.

For the world of art.

Bespoke mirrors add an extra dimension to space and enhance their surroundings too. It enables art studios to enhance the display visual in the room with the strategic placement of the right sized mirrors.