Know More About How To Paint A Wall Properly

Before starting the painting work, move your furniture and appliances out of the way and cover it if it is too heavy to shift. You can use the fabric drop cloths or plastic covers to cover the appliances and furniture’s from being spilling of the paint. To know more about How to Paint a Wall Properly then you can look over the available site. After that clean the areas which are needed to be painted as if there is any dust or dirt in the surface the paint would not stick properly on the surfaces of the wall, so use a damp cloth to wipe it.

Cover all your baseboard, moldings, window and door frames using a painter’s masking tape as all want to have different colors to it. Pat the tape correctly and clearly as the paint would not bleed into it and reaches the frames and boards. Use a coat of primer first if the old paint is several shades darker that the new one. Use the primer to cover the old paint and then leave it for about six hours to dry. After that there must be at least two coats of the new paint over it.

Interior DesignHow to Start the Painting

Start from the edges first with an angled brush as it gives a frame like structure for your walls which makes easy the painting. After painting the edges with the use of a roller start painting the central area of the wall or the ceiling. Paint with a strokes of M or W as it gives an even distribution of the paint and then start painting the remaining areas. After finishing the first coat leave it for about two hours for drying. Between it cover the paint tray and the brush with plastic wrapper as it would not dried. After it dried up, start the second coat as the same way like the first coat. After finishing all the painting work wash the brush and tray with the running water. And clear up all the coverings on the wall and ceilings, that is all the painting work is completed.