The tips to fight against mosquitos effectively

Mosquitoes derive their energy from the nectar of flowers, but for females, blood is an essential dietary supplement for egg formation. That’s why they sting. Give blood is laudable and rewarding … except when the sample is made by an insect! Here are some practical tips for keeping mosquitoes. Click here for mosquito fogging singapore.

Our anti-mosquito tips

Body hygiene is important

Mosquitoes are attracted by body odor, so it is necessary to take care of good body hygiene. Some perfumes can attract females, others repel them, so there is no precise rule regarding fragrances. Visit this site for mosquito fogging singapore.

Proper dressing is needed

The longer the clothes are long and loose, the less the skin is exposed. If you are planning a river cruise, do not forget to dress in this way. It is also advisable to focus on light clothing because mosquitoes are attracted by dark colors that emit more heat!

mosquito fogging

Eliminate stagnant water (buckets, garbage cans, tires, containers …) that attract mosquitoes. Take care to cover the water tanks, evacuate the water from the tarpaulins…

Do not let them enter

There are fewer bites on very windy days, because mosquitoes cannot fight against airflow. Place a fan at low speed on the balcony or in the room, preventing them from entering or moving properly.

Avoid the exteriors at the end of the day, because mosquitoes are the most active at the end of the day.

Mosquito net

To be sure to sleep without being awakened by mosquito buzz, a mosquito net is needed.