Ethical Principles in Court Interpretation in Singapore

Judicial interpretation processes are always complex, so legal translators must follow patterns and different tasks in order to conform to linguistic and intercultural equivalence. By transmitting or transmitting important messages, translators can actually determine the outcome or outcome of the entire legal process; this can lead to communication failure or inability to complete a task with ethics and professionalism.

There are some ethical dilemmas that a court interpreter may encounter during a trial

Legal interpretation refers to the process of sending or transmitting messages that are required in accordance with legal procedures and configurations, for example, in a courtroom, immigration offices, police stations, etc. In essence, the purpose of court interpreting services in singapore is to ensure effective communication between Clients and their legal advisors.

court interpreting services

Ideally, court interpreting services in singapore may consider different types of court cases involving different people with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and literacy rates. Consequently, these people need some support for knowledge of beliefs, cultural traditions, and broad knowledge of vocabulary from slang words to legal language.

Because of linguistic and cultural barriers between plaintiffs and judicial authorities, translators must ensure communication and understanding during legal proceedings. The correct interpretation not only implies the transmission of the correct communication to clients or vice versa, but must also respect the ethical standards of interpretation in order to guarantee the validity and reliability of all legal procedures.


In the case of judicial interpretation, there are people who by definition cannot speak and understand the same language. Sometimes these people think and talk about what is less and what is too much or what may seem inconvenient in a formal procedure. Therefore, the presence and assistance of an interpreter in this situation is very important.