What Are The Best Dna Kits For Dogs

There are considered relatively few companies are offering services despite the rising popularity of DNA testing for dogs. The most common names for the best dog dna kit are Wisdom Panel and Embark. Both of the kits are known to promise not to reveal the breed mix of a particular dog along with its family tree that goes back to its parents, grandparents, or maybe great grandparents.

With a DNA kit for dogs, two things are considered the most: the precision of the results and their database. Hereafter is a brief breakdown of the top two options to go with.

  • Embark DNA test

Embark DNA test tests for around 350 different breeds, including village dogs, wolves, and dingoes. Who does not wish to know whether his dog is a part wolf or not?

Embark dog was found by a researcher named Ryan Boyle after conducting a lot of research into the DNA of dogs all around the world. The test is known to be highly rated online, including The New York Times that recently tested major brands of DNA tests for dogs, and is produced in partnership with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Wisdom Panel

From Mars Petcare, Wisdom Panel is known to test over 350 breeds of dogs. They do not believe in revealing the precise methods used by them for proprietary reasons. Along with this, the internal testing has effectively discovered that 93% of the total breed results is an accurately mixed breed.


The best dog dna kit is generally simple to use and affordable. All you are is a cheek swab away from getting acquainted about everything related to your pup.