Human Activities Militating Against the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important rainforests in the world today. It is the largest rainforest in the world and covers up to 5500 km2, reaching several countries, including French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Brazil.  This rainforest, being the largest in the world, needs little or no introduction considering its unequalled popularity.  Aside from spanning up to nine countries, the Amazon Rainforest covers up to 40% of the entire South American landscape.

Norman AschHumans have been relentless in their efforts to cut down trees and destroy rainforests across the globe. Consequently, Amazon Rainforest represents more than a half of remaining rainforests in the world.   The rainforest contains up to 390 billion trees and these huge numbers can be divided into 16,000 species of trees. In fact, up to one-tenth of all species of trees on earth can be found in the Amazon Rainforest.

Several human activities are threatening the existence and incomparable function of the Amazon Rainforest; examples of such activities are mining, logging, development, ranching and farming. Climate change is also contributory to the destruction of the rainforest and there are concerns that the rainforest may disappear within the next 40 years if these unhelpful human activities do not stop.

Since the largest portion of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil and this places a lot of responsibility on the Brazilian government to protect the rainforest.  Therefore, the world looks up to Jair Bolsonaro, the new president, to put policies in place to protect the rainforest.  You can learn more about Norman on Blogspot by visiting