About the best company for office furniture- BFX

BFX Furniture is the leading and best Australian company which is specializing in both areas of office and education. It has been an establishment in 1980, the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of furniture in Australia. The best service backed by years of extensive industry experience and a great team that is dedicated to market research. The furniture companies just don’t deliver furniture, they deliver innovation and superior designs.


The company is highly regarded and also well recognized as the 2nd generation company in Australia. The origins date back to 1980 when the founding family established in the retail of furniture and developed their own manufacturing facility. With almost 29 field consultants and 80 distribution support employees plus a fleet of installation and the delivery vehicles. The company delivers education, commercial furniture, and fit-outs services throughout Australia while exporting to New Zealand, Japan, etc. And this will continue to grow as well. The combined company has 115 staff and a further 8000 square meters of building and this always represents the continuation of growth of the company, an integral principle to the company. One of the best companies which focus on customer satisfaction and health. So buy your furniture now from the website or showrooms.

BFX Furniture

The BFX Furniture difference

  • They provide personal consultation by giving expert advice, of the project size or budget.
  • They give an end to end solution by which they will take care of everything from quotation to delivery, installation, and also rubbish removal.
  • The best quality and safety as they have 100’s of tested products from the internationally recognized independent companies which include AFRDI and SGS.
  • customer satisfaction by focusing on building long term relationships for the life of the products and beyond as well.

Their philosophy

BFX Furniture is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and also suppliers of furniture in the Corporate, Government, education, and also healthcare sectors. The ongoing role and also success in the company is a direct consequence of the commitment whereby connecting between the physical environment and also the improvement with the social as well as learning outcomes.

The manufacturing and sourcing

The strong and better growth of BFX has been built on the foundation of consistently delivering great workmanship to the highest standard. And as a tier of 2 commercial furniture manufacturers, the company has extensive capabilities to provide cost and efficiencies on every product and project undertaken. With the best capacity to deliver works that meet timeframes and also the budget. The company has experience in works for both private and public projects, a complete journey and fixtures, and fittings.