Pool pump at swimming pool

A pool pump should always be used for the swimming pool. A swimming pool should never be operated without a pool pump. A pond pump is also unsuitable for operating a swimming pool. A pump for the pool is subject to appropriate safety standards. In many countries in particular, very strict safety regulations apply. Among other things, it regulates which flow speed may be reached in the intake grilles. Pool pumps are also equipped with an automatic switch-off. Before pool pumps come onto the market in some countries, they need the approval mark and the Reece pool supplies are certified. But before they can get this seal of quality, a hair catch test must be carried out, among other things. This is because long hair is not sucked in.

Pumps for the pool – suitable for chlorine and chemicals

In addition to safety, the fact that, unlike in the pond, chlorine and chemicals are used in the pool. A pool pump has to make do with chlorine and chemicals. With a pond pump for a pool you will not have any pleasure under these circumstances.

Swimming pool pumps have a higher performance

In addition, a pump for the pool area requires a significantly higher output, since a multiple of the water in a pool has to be fed into a filter system – often in a shorter period of time during the day. Pond pumps are not designed for this.

Multiple uses of a pump in the swimming pool

A pool pump can take on a variety of tasks in your home swimming pool. In addition to the classic task for the filter systems and technology in the swimming pool, the pump can also be used for massage jets and countercurrent systems. Fountains and aesthetic waterfalls can also be operated with a pool pump.

A filter pump keeps the bath water nice and clean, so you can enjoy fresh water while swimming all summer long. Without the use of a filter pump, the water quickly becomes cloudy. Dirt accumulates, bacteria multiply and nothing stands in the way of algae growth. As with an aquarium, this can also happen in your pool.

The water in the aquarium can be changed in no time, but of course you are not keen on completely renewing the bath water every few days. Just prevent dirty bath water with the help of a filter pump in combination with chlorine.

The pump sucks in the water and filters out almost all of the dirt, such as sand, grass or hair. The paper filter cartridge in the pump catches the dirt, after which clean water is pumped back into the pool. Thanks to the continuous circulation, bacteria and algae have no chance to multiply.