Types of Best Mop For Laminate Floors

There are multiple types of mops available in the market. But when you are planning to buy a mop for a laminate floor, it’s important to be a little bit mindful while making your purchase. To buy the best mop for laminate floors, you need to know the types of mops available.

What types of mops ate available for laminate floorings?

Mops for laminate flooring comes in four types, steam mop, spray mop, spin mop, and dry and wet mop. Understanding the difference of purpose between them will help you decide which is the best mop for laminate floors.

Steam Mop

It might be quite obvious from the name itself. Steam mop produces steams by using water to clean the floors. The steam produced is extremely hot and hence effective in healthy cleaning. It kills the germs and microbes present and also is effective in cleaning hard stains.

Spray Mob

The spray mop sprays the filled cleaning solution right in front of the mop head, and as soon as you pass the mop head over the surface area, it thoroughly cleans the entire area. Therefore, using a good solution and a solution compatible with the laminate floor is important.

Spin Mop

As the name suggests, the mop spins around to clean the area. They usually work in a dry state and do not require any water or cleaning liquid. They work best for dust, dirt, and slight stains.

Dry Mop

These are nothing but regular simple flat mops. They are best for dry cleaning laminate floorings. They work best for cleaning for dirt and debris particles and do not come to use for tough stains.

Final Thoughts

The best type of mop solely depends on one’s needs. However, choosing carefully can help prevent damage to the floorings and future expenses.