How Can You Use Instagram For Event Marketing?

Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing app that presents yet another opportunity for event marketers to promote events. It allows users to post pictures, videos, and livestreams for their followers to see. Instagram offers numerous benefits for event marketers that other social media platforms don’t offer, including the ability to target audiences with specific interests or filter posts by location. Here are ways you can use Instagram to market your events.

Step 1: Post pictures of the event venue and pre-event activities

Once your event is underway, you’ll want to post photos taken at the venue. Take some shots from inside the venue before the guests arrive to give visitors a preview of the event. Post photos and videos of your event streaming live, if you’d like. You could also post photos of yourself at the venue networking with potential attendees, or on your way to the venue where you may encounter a well-wisher who asks you what the event is about. If you have a guest speaker, consider hosting a separate Instagram account for him or her to post pictures and videos as they appear on stage. Goread provides users with real followers who are active and engaged on Instagram.

Step 2: Post photos of attendees

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After the event, you may want to post a photo of the crowd. Instagram analytics tells you how many users viewed each post and how many users liked, commented on, or shared the post. Analyzing this data can help you improve your marketing efforts in the future.

Step 3: Post videos of audience members sharing their experience

Instagram is also a great way to hear directly from attendees at your event. If you’re sending out a survey online or collecting feedback via email, consider using Instagram to ask attendees to add their comments.

Step 4: Use hashtags and filters to target specific audiences

You can also use hashtags on Instagram to target specific audiences. Search the hashtag #socialmediatodayx when planning your event, and you’ll see that the hashtag is being used by many users. Take the opportunity to respond to users who are using that hashtag with a picture or video of your event. In order to improve your event marketing efforts, find hashtags relevant to your event niche and use them on Instagram. For example, if you’re running a wedding planning seminar, search for #weddingplanner and #weddingplanning.

Step 5: Target individuals or companies interested in specific events

After an event ends, use Instagram as a way to follow up with attendees about future events or specials. You can use the geotagging feature to track down anyone in your area interested in your type of event. For example, if you’re a wedding planner, you could track down people in your area who may be planning their own wedding.