Proxy or VPN: differences and which to use in each situation

Together privacy and safety are two issues that Internet user worth a lot. That is why a lot of times they decide to employ dissimilar program and tools that help improve these aspects. Today we are leaving to chat about two of them. We will explain what differences there are between both services and use a Proxy or VPN and when it is interesting one or the other. We are going to give some interesting tips and recommendation.

Proxy or VPN: major difference and how to decide

Many users confuse both tools. The truth is that proxy site both serve to increase privacy in the network. With both, we can hide our IP address when navigating. However, there are differences and it may be interesting to know them to decide which service to use.

Let’s start by explaining what a Proxy is exactly. We could say that it is like a mask that covers our team facing the Internet. That is, it is an intermediary between our device and the server. If for example, we enter a website, information such as our IP is stored. When we use a proxy server we would be using your IP address

What it does is just that, masking our IP when surfing the Internet. Of route, what it does is hide the unique IP, but it does not encrypt our link. It does not add to security, beyond the commentary.

IP address

A Proxy only acts as an go-between between a exacting request or service and the server. Do not do no matter which else with the rest of our connection.

A VPN, on the other hand, is a more complete service. It is a very useful tool when we want to protect our connection. We can also hide the IP address, as well as avoid geographical blocking of certain services in some countries.

It is very interesting if we are going to connect to public networks, for example. In this way, our data travels safely and we avoid the risk of being intercepted. It is a way of protection when surfing the Internet and it helps to increase both security and privacy.

Choose Proxy or VPN

Now, we already know basically how a VPN and a Proxy act. How to choose which is better? If we look for something more complete, that protects our connections and offers us a series of interesting options, the best thing would be to use a VPN. However, if we seek simplicity, speed of use and we simply want to hide our IP, a Proxy is sufficient.