Telugu Love films You Can Watch With Your Loved Ones

The South-Indian Film Industry is often credited for its vibrant movie themes and concepts. While it is often subjected to imitation and flattery, the industry has produced some marvellous pieces that have left audiences awe-inspired all over the subcontinent. Beyond it appalled from their eye for every detail to every tiny moment significant to the plot, productions, music, and camera work. The industry hasn’t failed to enthral its audience. The Telegu industry is one of the pillars holding the reputation of regional films and Indian cinema.

Even when the pandemic deprived us of entertainment from movies and the fun of hanging out and planning weekend movie nights in theatres, OTT platforms have kept cinema’s spirits alive.

With several releases on streaming platforms, ranging from movies to web series and shows, streaming content became our daily breath of fresh air in the boring lockdown.

If you enjoy regional films and are up to date with the new releases, then you are quite aware of all the new Telugu movies online.

One such release during the lockdown last year was Colour PhotoColour Photo is your sad love story webbed in relevant social issues that sets it apart from a generic love story.

Written, Directed, and Narrated by Sandeep Raj, Colour Photo is a 2020 Telugu period romantic drama film. Starring Suhas and ChandiniChowdary in lead roles along with Sunil and HarshaChemudu as supporting. The film has Machilipatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh as the backdrop and the time is set in the late 1990s. Music composed by KaalaBhairava with cinematography done by Venkat R Shakamuri, Colour Photo tells the tale of a “below average guy”. The film premiered on the OTT Platform AHA on 23 October 2020, and you can watch a colour photo movie on AHA.

The story opens with a scene from the present where the female lead Deepthi is seen going to see her dead father with her husband Chandu; on the journey, she spots a couple of bickering, and this throws her into a trance where she reminiscences her past with her then-lover, Jayakrishna. From here on, the story of Colour Photo takes place.

Jayakrishna is the son of a milkman, and he studies engineering in the same college as Deepthi. After many difficulties, the couple confessed their love for each other and soon, what blooms is a love story seen as different by society. Jayakrishna is from a low caste, and his dark complexion is a source of his ridiculing daily. Things start to go downhill after Jaya Krishna is openly discriminated against in a college fest for his principal’s complexion. In the end, the couple, devastated, decides to commit suicide, where Jaya Krishna dies while deepthi survives.

A sad love story of two people, a Colour photo deals with a strong social message of colour-based discrimination, the issue of ragging. With strong delivery of dialogues and a good script, the Colour photo will leave you with tons of emotions from love, heartbreak, resentment towards social maladies such as discrimination and college ragging.

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