Online Evaluation and Restaurant Experience Stories: What are the effects of the age of the e-evaluator?

The multiple digital exchanges between consumers and the importance of their contents give rise today to a real system of recommendations decisive for the reputation of the company and its durability, in particular when the offer is of experiential nature, account given the difficulty to pre-test upstream this type of consumption.

Restaurant Experience

Online evaluations and characteristics of contributors: the case of restoration

The level of satisfaction that reflects the difference between the initial expectations and the experience experienced by a client, then likely to relate more or less built. Today, these memories, once put online, are propagated in an immediate way revealing digital traces at the base of the perceived positioning of the company – that is to say of its image – and impacting significantly, in the part of a service, the intentions of reservations. These stories are disseminated through blogs, forums or community sites, the latter proposing an encrypted evaluation frame and the opportunity to comment on his experience by sharing the elements stored in a visible way. In this respect, e-contributors are identified from a pseudonym, an age group, sometimes their sex and often a legible status reflecting the more or less familiar nature of the individual to the evaluation on the site and measured from the number of opinions issued. The prior art and the number of opinions of each consumer would make it possible to characterize the Internet user by a level of familiarity that would positively impact his online purchases relative to a more novice individual visit