For Western style Weddings around the world, The Wedding Cake is a must. Modern Wedding Cakes are majestic creations, rising in tiers. The tiers were made possible only in 1882, at the wedding of King Leopold, Duke of Albany, when icing was created that would harden for the tiers to be stacked, yet be fully edible. But in spite of the technical prowess that making the best cakes entailed, Wedding Cakes remained an exclusive art, the domain of Cake Artists. And some of the finest samples of this esoteric art are created by the Cakemakers of Singapore, with a Brand called wedding cake singapore.

Best Samples

The Best Cake Maker of Singapore is a relatively small, stylish and extraordinarily brilliant establishment in the Pelikat area of the Promenade. White Spatula is now recognized as the leader in a fiercely competitive field, and has come up with some startling creations noted below:

  • Unicorn Buttercream Cake.
  • Little Horsey Rainbow Cake.
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake.
  • Piggy Family Buttercream Cake.


Cakes are very easily ordered at the White Spatula, and the 3 steps are simple, as follows:

  • Size of the cake.
  • The flavor is in general chosen from either Classic or Premium. The latter of course invokes specials to suit Customer choice, and additional costs apply.
  • Party Details are thirdly added, to complete the order.

The Rest is up to the innovation of the Cake Maker (White Spatula), and thus the wedding cake singapore is born.