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Kill trading is at the heart of the Call of Duty franchise. Warfare in the twenty-first century is no exception. cod modern warfare boosting Maps are built so that for every foe you defeat, another attacker will attack you. So don’t let your explosives and gear go to waste. Use these to extend your life by a few seconds! Because the chances of dying in a regular game of Team Death-match within a minute of spawning are astronomically high, toss every grenade, Molotov, and gadget at your disposal without hesitation.

 Toss a frag into a room before entering, or the point is, these tools will ensure that a small area of the map is momentarily free of enemy danger, so use them before they’re gone. Modern warfare does not reward planning for the future; instead, it rewards planning for the present.

cod modern warfare boosting

  • Load outs should be optimized

The default load outs in Modern Warfare are fine and give players a fighting chance. Still, as you progress through the ranks and unlock more guns, attachments, gadgets, and kill streaks, it’s a good idea to begin tinkering with your custom load out so you have a one-of-a-kind kit tailored to your needs. With Modern Warfare’s in-depth load out customization system, you may choose your firearms, add attachments like scopes and muzzles, choose from a wide variety of secondary tools and perks, and do even more, so be sure you explore your possibilities.

  • Become a grass snake.

The tall grass in Modern Warfare is built for one thing: stealthy, low-cost kill farming. So stoop, lie down, or slither around, but whatever you do, keep your head down and let the grass take care of the rest. Like in real life, Tall grass provides superb camouflage and virtually guarantees that most players will pass you by without giving you a second thought. It means that you, the aspiring foliage camper, can kill a lot of people just by shooting them in the rear as they run by you. Alternatively, shoot them in the face as they charge at you! They’ll never notice you coming in any case.

  • Keep your feet moving.

A phenomenon in which a player hides at a location and refuses to move for the duration of a game has plagued the cod warfare modern boosting franchise’s multiplayer since its beginning. While there are still some areas in Modern Warfare conducive to camping, such as the long grass we mentioned before, the game’s designers have gone to considerable pains to ensure that most maps discourage it.