Create your very own masterpiece while you sip


Do you need to plan a party or a meeting? Have you thought about hosting it at one of the fully-functioning art cafés instead? Painting with friends is a sure-fire method to host a party that will be the talk of the town for weeks to come.You will have exclusive access to the Art Café that you have reserved for the evening. This implies that you will not have any random strangers at your party. Furthermore, just 15 persons are required to book a private event.

Each session will consist of painting a fun, colourful canvas that has been pre-selected by the instructor. Everything is supplied, including paint, brushes, canvas, easels, aprons, and a drink to enjoy while you work. You will be led through the process of creating your version of the chosen artwork, and you will walk away with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Art Café accepts artists of all levels, from complete novices to experienced professionals. Individuals, couples, friends, and groups are all welcome to join in painting.

A paintbrush in one hand and a drink in the other, Paint Pinot is an art entertainment experience in which you create your masterpiece while holding a glass in the other.You may come into Paint Pinot feeling like a complete novice with no creative bones in your body, but you will undoubtedly walk out feeling like Pablo Picasso himself. The skilled artisans will take you to step by step and drink by sip through the process. In the studio, you do not need any previous experience. It is just asked that you enjoy every minute of it and come prepared to have a fantastic time.

Participants are guided through a featured painting by an artist who is both skilled and trained. Begin with a blank canvas and end up with a finished piece of art in your hands.Pinot painting is a great way to have fun, drink wine, and be creative: private Parties and Receptions.

Parties for the Holidays

Paint Pinot

Consider hosting a Paint Pinot private event instead of a traditional Christmas party when everyone stands around and makes uncomfortable small talk. Everyone has something to do and something to speak about as a result of this. You provide the Christmas spirit, and we’ll take care of the rest. –

There is no need for prior drawing or painting expertise.

What if it is told you that Paint Pinot is also home to our renowned Art Café? Enjoy a fantastic evening with family and friends as you build your very own masterpiece. After visitingthe Art Café, your taste senses won’t know what to say to express their gratitude. The taste-testing process is time-consuming, but it is necessary to create a great new menu that is drool-worthy.

The renowned pizzas, savoury nachos, and freshly baked sweet delights from our cake display are all available for you to indulge in.It seems like you need to meet up with some old friends. Who will be joining you at the Art Café?