Sentrysafe Biometric Gun Safe: Diving Deep Into It

Nowadays, biometric has been used widely in various devices to provide utmost security. Besides, using biometric identification in your smart devices is also used in the biometric gun safe to safeguard your safe from any fraudulent usage. The SentrySafe biometric gun safe is the category of gun safes that uses biometric lock using fingerprint feature. This kind of gun safe includes various needed features, which are discussed further below.

Features Of Sentrysafe Biometric Gun Safe

A few of the features of this gun safe are

  • It weighs around 12 pounds.
  • Specially designed for storing guns.
  • An override key is included in it.
  • The door of this safe is pry-resistant.
  • The approximate size of this safe is around 0.5 feet in cubic dimension.
  • The finishing is smooth of this safe making it a high-quality safe.
  • The keypad included is programmable and digital.
  • The lock is electronic and involves biometric fingerprint identification.

Benefits Of Sentrysafe Biometric Gun Safe

  • The artilleries will remain secured because of the highly developed locking system using biometric fingerprints.
  • If you want to unlock the safe silently, you can choose this safe because its keypad is digitally programmable.
  • The 12 gauge of steel been used in the SentrySafe biometric gun safe provides high durability to this gun safe.
  • By making use of the compression gas strut, its door can be easily closed or opened.
  • It is available in online stores at an affordable price.
  • If the locking systems fail to function due to some reasons, then the override key can be used.

Cons Of Sentrysafe Biometric Gun Safe

  • Its locking system can fail to function because it is powered using four AA batteries.
  • The space of its interior is very less.
  • The availability of this safe is restricted to a few countries only.

After considering more benefits compared to its cons, this gun safe is an ideal choice for gun safes.