The benefits of using UV-VIS spectrophotometers from Agilent   

Agilent UV-VIS spectrophotometers have been approved immensely useful in diverse pharmaceutical applications, environmental, clinical, biological, and many other fields. Spectrophotometers are extremely versatile devices used while carrying out a routine analysis application such as spectrum scanning, kinetics, quantitative analysis, testing, and protein/DNA evolution of many components. The following information shows how Agilent UV vis spectrophotometers are easy and simple to use:

Highly flexible and consistent performance

UV-VIS spectrophotometers are highly flexible, and also they ensure a consistent performance without hitches. An easy and simple to use spectrophotometers comes with diverse models, incorporating specification and quality features. Some of the most common models of the UV-VIS spectrophotometer series comprise SQ2800, SQ2802 UV-VIS, and 110V-220, SQ28O2S UV-VIS, SQ3802 UV-VIS, and SQ4802UV-VIS.

Collection of Innovative features of spectrophotometer

Agilent UV vis spectrophotometer has designed its functionalities to meet the need of the current research labs. The following are some significant features of SQ3802 UV-VIS spectrophotometer models.

  • Fixed width of 1.8mn
  • Volts capacity from 110V to 220V
  • A split design beam
  • Wide angled LCD screen offered with contrast adjustment viewing
  • Optimal PC download and Window app software
  • A wavelength range between 190nm to 1100
  • Wavelength calibration Automatic start
  • The accurate wavelength of +0.3
  • 23kg or 50ibs weight

Agilent uv vis spectrophotometer comes with different modes that are provided with a compartment of a larger sample. These large compartments accommodate a more comprehensive range of accessories and cell holders, including peristaltic sipper and Peltier.

These models of spectrophotometers are as well available in various sizes with varying height, width, and length measurements. Many types of UV-VIS spectrophotometer usually come with CE security certificates. Here are essential considerations you should bear in mind before you purchase any kind of spectrophotometer:

Agilent uv vis spectrophotometer

Ensure you’ve purchased from a reputable dealer

You should always purchase your UV-VIS from any well-known lab dealer like an Agilent UV vis spectrophotometer. The importance of buying from a reputable dealer is that they can offer guidance in choosing the best model that suits both your budget and requirement.

Agilent UV VIS spectrophotometer provides the most affordable medical lab equipment sources such as spectrophotometers, centrifuges, Analyzers, Hematology Analyzers, and much more.

The primary purpose of the spectrophotometer is to receive and also transmit light. The spectrometer is usually used to examine sample materials through the light and reading their wavelength intensity. They consist of various samples that change the lights in numerous different ways.


Thus, it enables the researcher to obtain much information regarding the test material. While viewing the changes of light behavior as it passes via the sample, the outcome is expected to accurate, or else the researcher will be wasting his or her time using the flawed instrument.