Use handyman services for home maintenance

Most people live extremely busy lives. Get up early, get the kids ready for school, prepare breakfast and packed lunches, clean up, run away to take the kids to school, go to work, have a full day, work late, or challenge during rush hour (one of you has to get the kids out of school or get home in time to monitor their homework and make sure they don’t cause too much havoc.)

house manager

Finally, at home! It’s time to have a cup of tea before giving the kids some attention, eating lunch, relaxing, tucking them into bed, and finally being able to sit down and chat with your partner, watch TV and relax. Most likely, you will fall asleep immediately and have to crawl to sleep.

And then, the next day, the same thing. Come on Saturday and the kids have some sporting activities so you have to do a weekly shop and before you know it Saturday is gone and you sleep as long as you can on Sunday as that is the only day ( well, half a day) left it myself.

In this entire stressful life, the last thing you have time or energy for is housework, but you still have to do it. You need to wash your clothes, you need a vacuum cleaner in the house, you need to store children’s things. When do you have time for yourself? No time.

But above all, most of the houses in London were built a long time ago and certainly weren’t built without maintenance. An endless list of small repairs is starting to pile up.

A професионален домоуправител софия is needed to drain, a tiler in the bathroom, a painter in the house, there is work for both the electrician and the builder. Have you ever heard the song “The Gasman Comes”? If not, check out YouTube. On Monday a gasman, on Tuesday a carpenter, on Wednesday a glazier, and so on … The mere idea of ​​calling in all these artisans with their exorbitant duties and taxes is enough to bring him to bankruptcy court.

Relax well! There is a smart solution to the use of interdisciplinary support staff that covers all normal home renovations at a reasonable cost and if the call is by appointment and is not urgent, this does not imply expensive call rates. The maintenance staff serve all parts of London on motorcycles and therefore can do most of the smaller jobs, individually or when you have 4 or five small jobs that together will provide a repairman a call.