What to Know to Claim Right to Work Check in Australia!

Are you looking forward to work in Australia? But you don’t have citizenship? Don’t lose hope without citizenship, even if you have a valid visa you can work in Australia with right to work check in Australia.

Right to Work Check in Australia:

The Victorian government like other governments provides the Right to Work to its citizens and to all those who are legally living there on a Visa and Passport. Under the right to work you are eligible to work under Victorian government if you fulfill the given conditions-

Valid Citizenship: You should have an Australian birth certificate or a citizenship certificate or a passport certifying Australia as your domicile.

Permanent Resident with who has a Valid Passport: If you have got a PR under your passport, you’re still eligible to apply.

Right To Work Check In Australia

A non-Citizen with a visa and a passport: Even if you’re not an Australian citizen but you have a visa with an expiry date you can work temporarily. Under this eligibility, you can not apply for permanent jobs but can work in any firm on the contract base.

You can have various documents under the Australian govt but not every document may necessarily be proof of your eligibility.

Documents that are Proof of Your Eligibility:

Australian Birth Certificate and a photo ID only if born before 1986, if you’re born after 1986 with these two, you’ll be needing a birth certificate of any one parent of yours born in Australia.

1. Australian Citizenship Certificate

2. Australian Passport

3. Certificate of evidence of recent residence status

4. Valid Visa

5. You should know that you’ll need only one of these from the above-mentioned documents.

Documents that is not Proof of your Eligibility:

1. Tax file

2. Driver’s License

3. Medicare Card

4. Bank documents

What to do when you ensure your eligibility?

After you confirm your eligibility you need to have the below mentioned checks to be a completely legal employer or an employee. For right to work check in Australia, these are the things you need to ensure.

1. A Police Check worth $49.00.

2. A Right to Work Check worth $4.

Illegal Employment:

You should know that the Australian government is strict with laws and fines. The Ministry of Home Affairs of Australia enforces all the rules very strictly. So, you should be aware of what could happen if you employ illegally. So, if you decide to work illegally you will have to pay a fine of $63,000 0r and imprisonment of five years.

Companies may face more than this. They need to pay $315000.

Where to get Right to Work Check?

The Administration of Right to Work visa checks, The Intercheck Automate helps to gain the right to work check to both employees and employers.