Lighting Hacks: Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home

Lighting is something that you do not always notice when it has a good presence. However, if you have a poor illumination and you are trying to complete a task, you will not feel good about it. With this, it is important that you choose the right lighting.

Remember that lighting is more than aesthetics – it can help you see well, which is important in completing tasks. The first thing that you should do is to think about your home and imagine if it has all the lighting qualities you like. If you are not happy with your lighting, it is time that you choose the perfect illumination for you and the family.

Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting:

Put ambient lighting in the exterior of your home

Aside from illuminating, lighting can provide a form of safety and security. When you are choosing illumination for your home’s exterior, you should choose ambient lighting. Ambient lighting will encompass walkways, sidewalks, front entry and the perimeter of your house.

Keep in mind that dim lighting is a welcome sign for those who want to intrude. If you consider too bright light, it can be costly plus it can be disturbing to your neighbors. It is better to check the guidelines as to what you install at your own home.

Use many light sources for one space

Inside your home, you should use many light sources even for a single space. This will essentially help you complete different activities and functions in one space. For instance, in your kitchen, you should put under counter lights. In your living room, you can put a floor lamp next to your couch if you love reading. In your bathrooms, you can put lighting at the mirror.

installing night lighting

Try recessed lighting

If you have high ceilings as well as modern decoration, you should use recessed lighting. Many utilise “can” light fixtures, which are metal recessed inserted into the ceiling. Recessed lighting fixtures are subtle and can be directional. Most recessed lighting is connected to dimmer switches.

Remember about night lighting

If you have nurseries and kid’s rooms, you should think about installing night lighting. Night lighting can help you navigate through the dark rooms. More importantly, it can help young children from being scared. For nurseries, you should opt for a dim wall sconce or table lamp, which can be utilised for rocking infants or changing diapers.

Pick chandeliers wisely

If you want more formal living and dining areas, you should pick chandeliers wisely. Oftentimes, chandeliers are purchased without thinking about the decoration and the space that surrounds it. Do not forget to consider measuring the space and ceiling as well before you shop chandeliers.

Final words

Of course, it is always best to get the help of professionals. If you must, you should consider hacks with lightings from 1StopBedrooms team. Do not be afraid to invest in lighting because it can help your ambiance as well as improve the mood. Keep in mind that like color and furniture, lighting can enhance your space and make it warm and inviting.