My Neighbor Totoro – A Japanese animated film

This is a Japanese animated film which is launch in the year 1988. Hayao Miyazaki has written and directed this film and Studio Ghibli has produced this. It is also famous by the name of Tonari no Totoro. The story is about two young daughters of the professor while they are having the interactions with the spirits of wood. These wood spirits are very friendly and they are from postwar in rural Japan. On 16 July 1988 on the day of Grave of the Fireflies the film has the World Premiere. The dubbed version of My Neighbor Totoro made by Disney has been released in the year 2005 on 23rd October. GKIDS has brought it to the cinema in 2017.


In the year 1958, Professor Tatsuo Kusakabe and his two daughters, Mei and Satsuki have moved to Japan in the old house which is very close to the hospital. In this hospital, Yasuko who is the mother of two children is taking the treatment of long-term illness. The two daughters have found out in My Neighbor Totoro that in the house there are house spirits Sootballs which is animated dust creatures. Sootballs is very small, dust-like, dark house spirits which are seen in the light. When the girls are living comfortably in the new house and laughing with their father this soot spirits leave the house and drifting away with the wind. They will go to find other empty house for their natural habitat.

Mei one day sees two ears which are rabbit-like in the grass and then start following the ears under the house. She found out that there is two magical creature who is leading this ears through the briar patch and then into the large hollow camphor tree. She is then meeting with the larger version of the same spirit and then befriending them. Then that spirit is identified as the Totoro by the series of roars. Mei is then falling asleep on the large Totoro. Satsuki then finds her on the ground in the dense briar clearing. Mei does many attempts to show her family the Totoro’s tree but she fails.