On what occasions do we give children presents?

 From birth, there are many occasions where you can give a toddler a gift. They are more typical, as well as those less popular, but treated with equal seriousness. Therefore, we will trace all the moments, from the birth of a child to the almost adult age, when we buy a gift vanilla visa balance and what is best to choose on a given occasion.

Baby shower

This is a relatively new tradition that came to us from the west. Even before the birth of the child, an event is organized, during which gifts are given to both mother and toddler, vanilla visa balance  whom we will soon welcome in the world. The gifts mainly include layette items.

After birth

We also bring a gift when we visit a baby in the hospital or shortly after he returns home. They are usually clothes and first toys. Then, albums are also given, which from birth to the first year of life, parents can supplement photos and commemorative entries from the first months of life.

Holy baptism


This is often an opportunity when a wider group of family or friends have the pleasure of meeting a baby. The most popular baptism gifts are larger toys and baptism souvenirs.

First birthday

It is an opportunity to give a child a slightly larger gift or souvenir to which he will come back for years. Often, it is also the time to give something that will last longer, maybe even exaggerated, such as a ride-on: we wrote about it in our guidebook about one-year gifts.

Every next birthday

This is an opportunity when a child is given a bigger gift. Here, a lot depends on age. Toddlers love to get toys or books, and almost every gift enjoys them. Older children are pickier, they have their preferences, so you need to make a bit more effort. Sometimes the solution is to talk and ask directly instead of making the wrong surprise.

Children’s Day

Children are waiting for this special occasion. Many parents, in addition to gifts in kind, organize this Day for their children in a unique way. It can be a trip, going to an amusement park or to the cinema. It is worth remembering that not only objects are important, but also the presence of parents, which gives children a sense of security and acceptance. Children’s Day is a great opportunity to show them that they are special for parents.