Want to see the natural habitat of Kangaroos?

There are several places that you can notice Kangaroos wandering around for free in some popular parks and golf clubs too! Like all the wildlife in Australia, Kangaroos are unquestionably the most popular and finding these majestic koalas in the wild is an amazing experience not to be missed. Australia is the only nation in the world where these novel creatures call home.

Nothing beats seeing their graceful trips in the wild, their joeys seeing from pouches and tails swaying to hold them balanced and simply because you’re in the town doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to catch a sight. Where to see kangaroos near Melbourne, including the best spots in and around the town that you are assured to spot a one or two.

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Huge open grassland is a perfect environment for kangaroos, making golf clubs the ideal place to spot kangaroos in Melbourne. Situated in the Macedon Ranges, almost 40 minutes from Melbourne CBD, the most popular golf club, Gisborne Gold Club is habitat to approximately 200 Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Although the course boasts an engaging 18 hole course, it is witnessing more famous for the kangaroo viewing trip, which endures 30 minutes and gives an assured glimpse of these mysterious animals all from the ease of a five-seater golf carriage.

Kangaroo trip cost $10 per kid or $30 for a family of 4. They are exclusively available Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and can be reserved online via the Club website.