Introducing Master Account in LoL

Unsatisfied with the current standings for the top players, do not worry as Riot has announced the new Ranked tier, with Master account in LoL.

With season 4 of LoL coming to an end, Riot has outlined the upcoming changes for the ranked solo & team queues this week. The ladder system still in infancy, the past 2 seasons brought an immense change that has included removal of elo system and introduction of the Challenger tier.

So, this time, this announcement was not very revolutionary. For 2014 season, the Riot has made the new tier known as Master to help to bridge an immense divide of the skill between the Diamond I & Challenger—who are aiming to increase the competition and encourage the player growth. They teased the Victorious skin for the popular champion at each levels of the play.

Master account in LoL Master

Introducing New Master Tier

Getting forward, the main focus of Riot is offering higher distinction between skill parity of the highest level players.

In current system, when the player achieves the Diamond I, they should climb to 100 LP in order to qualify for the series for Challenger. And challenger has just one hundred & fifty spots every region. After one week time of immunity, the players with lowest LP will be kicked back to the Diamond I.

Unluckily, it is proven to be the system that does not always indicate the skill levels. Whereas Diamond might just be the dream to most of the League of Legends’ plenty of players, reality is that difference of the skill between their player base in highest division of the Diamond tier is as big of the gap as one going between the divisions V – I of the lower tiers. The Diamond I player in a bottom of the bracket is worse than closing on 100 LP and the Challenger series. But, due to top tier’s spots, most of the Challenger tier players just end up playing musical chairs at Diamond I & Challenger. The solution is quite simple: the newly made Master account in LoL Master.