Life Solutions: Serving Clients Hot Cold Water Dispenser Ove the Years

Getting clean drinking water is a human right, but having it at the exact temperature you want is considered a luxury. The weather keeps changing outside, and so does the water preference of many. As in summers, everyone wants chilled water, but in winters not so freezing. This kind of water demand is fulfilled by a hot cold water dispenser. When you purchase a water dispenser, it becomes so easy to fill the water bottles or cups.

Life Solutionsin Hong Kong has been serving more than 200 corporate customers, making it the leading cooler service and water dispenser provider. The company delivers the best water machines with 5-star servicing and maintenance that ensures that the clients receive clean hot and cold water at their will from the large selection of water dispensers. The dispensers take it to another level by offering even sparkling water.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should buy water machines from Life Solutions. The first reason is that all the machines have unique technology serving varied purposes, with in-built energy-saving technology being the prominent one. Some other features of the hot cold water dispenser by the company are the following:

  • Antimicrobial protection

Antimicrobial protection in today’s unprecedented times is very vital. The office dispensers come equipped with the technology to fight the harms caused by the bacteria. Their FirewallTM technology performs purification of the bacteria by UV rays, ensuring you drink pure and safe water.

  • Reducing plastic use

The company is also focused on reducing single-use plastic usage. Some of their office dispensers even have a bottle saver counter showing the amount of difference made.

  • Leakage detection

The water machines are equipped with a leakage detection system that closes the water inlet on detecting any possible leakage.

The other services offered by the company include installations and maintenance facilities. You can also consult with them before installing any water dispenser.