Guide to perfect flooring

Each board of solid wood flooring is made from a single piece of solid wood that has been sawn to the proper size. Solid wood flooring is a natural product made entirely of solid and durable wood that gives your home a regal aspect. The solid wood flooring has a longer expected lifespan and offers a classic and alluring charm. It is around 18mm thick.

Numerous types of wood are available, as well as different board sizes and finishes. Oak, American Walnut, Burmese Teak, Cumaru, Jatoba, and others are some readily available types of wood. Additionally, you have the choice of repeatedly refinishing your flooring as needed. It expands and contracts due to changes in temperature and moisture content.

What is boen flooring?

Boen Flooring offers a variety of wood species, grades, patterns, and thicknesses, all with either pre-oiled or pre-lacquered surfaces. For underfloor heating, all Boen engineered boards are appropriate. All Boen wood flooring comes from sustainable sources to help the environment.

What is solid wood

One approach to classifying solid wood is by species. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees like oak, while softwood is produced from coniferous plants like pine. Domestic species like oak, walnut, hickory, maple, and cherry are examples; foreign species like jatoba, Subaru, ipe, and acacia are others. While there are three techniques to saw planks, solid wood is typically three-quarters of an inch thick. The flat-sawn approach is the most popular and has the most natural variances.


Materials for the wood flooring were easy to choose. The only choices were species (imagine oak versus pine) and how the wood was cut to make boards because everything was made of solid wood. There are now so many possibilities that it might be daunting.