Free Base Liquid: Smoking through vapors!

The use of electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigs, has grown rapidly in recent years. These E-cigarettes are made up of E-liquids in order to impart the taste, color, and feel of a real cigarette. They are made in such a manner that it gives the illusion of real smoking to a smoker.

 What is an E-liquid made of?

E-liquids are comprised of base substances/ in order to add smooth smoke flavor, which is PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine). With about 70 percent of PG and 30 percent of VG, E-liquids also consist of nicotine, flavoring agents, and artificial sweeteners. Liquids are sold only online and come in various assorted flavors. The different variety of strengths in which E-liquid are available are:


  • 24 mg of Nicotine presence refereed as High
  • 18 mg of Nicotine presence refereed as Regular
  • 12 mg of Nicotine intake referred as Light
  • 6 mg of Nicotine presence is considered Extra Light
  • 0 mg of Nicotine presence is refereed as Nil

 Health concern of Using E-liquids

Though the use of น้ำยา freebase is considered less harmful in comparison to using a regular cigarette intake of nicotine in vapor form does affect the health of lungs and can lead to frequent coughing, breathlessness, and congestion when used frequently. Hence, always keep in mind that excess E-liquid intake can affect your health in the long run and can lead to severe nicotine addiction over time.

In order to garner the attention of smokers, e-cigarettes are also available in various exotic flavors. The answer to buying the best E-liquid can be varied depending upon a person’s needs and interests. But there is a huge variety available in the market at present. The famous Californian brand, Cutwood offers a wide range of assorted flavors like Unicorn Milk, Sweet drizzle, and banana berry, along with standard vanilla and strawberry flavors.

We advise you to choose the flavor that suits you best, and in case you are a beginner, it is better to begin with, regular vanilla and tobacco flavor rather than straightway jumping to other flavours.