Know all about the Waresix

Waresix focuses on logistics optimization by making the experience more accessible for users and so more practical for transportation businesses and carriers. Therefore provide a one-stop-shop for seaborne shipping, as well as refrigerated and freight management.

Waresix integrates merchants and organizations with accessible buildings and vehicles throughout Indonesia, improving service delivery, customer satisfaction, and revenue for owner-operators.

Their innovation will integrate seamlessly business intelligence with logistical architecture to give the company complete management of their goods and maximize capacity planning for our vendors. Waresix enables quick and dependable transport while keeping distribution network costs low transaction.

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Growth of Waresix

  • Waresix observed that the human, end-to-end delivery procedure resulted in unsustainable market forces segmentation.
  • As a result, trucks and storage are underutilized because there is no method to spot accessible services. Similarly, movers and truckers should expect increased asset utilization rates and more significant and consistent profit margins.
  • Waresix also offers storage, systems integration, and other contract logistics.
  • As a result of the epidemic, logistics companies have realized the importance of embracing technology, as statewide lockdowns disrupted the supply chain.
  • ┬áIt has also compelled businesses to investigate technological solutions to assure order fulfillment in less time and at a cheaper cost to meet client demand.

Waresix’s digitalization activities enable firms to be aggregate and deconsolidate commodities by leveraging warehouse connections. It promotes adaptability and speedier access to the market, increasing logistical efficiency. Waresix is committed to educating market participants about the genuine transformation of technology adoption that awaits them.