The management centers are responsible for organizing an annual regional employment conference event planning hk involving representatives of non-affiliated communities. The objective is to coordinate the exercise of the missions of the management centers in public employment.

This annual meeting for all local authorities and public institutions is a key moment for exchanges with management centers.

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Regional Citizen Conferences

These Conferences are participatory workshops annual dinner event management hk that take place over a day and a half. They bring together 70 to 100 citizens drawn by lot and representative of the sociological diversity of each region. Regional Citizens’ Conferences are held on March 15-16 and 22-23 in each metropolitan and overseas region.

A National Citizens’ Conference dedicated to youth (18/24 years) is also scheduled for 22 and 23 March.

During these conferences, participants are divided into small groups and work on the four themes of the great debate: the ecological transition, taxation, and public finances, democracy and citizenship, the organization of the state and public services. They are invited to discuss, deliberate and develop well-reasoned proposals by basing their reflections on the first elements of the great national debate.

The goal is to get proposals and prioritized. Complete summaries of the 19 regional citizens’ conferences and a global synthesis are published on the site of the Grand Debate.

A zoom on the Regional Conference for Employment

  • The two objectives of the PDRF program are:
  • Contribute to the holding of regional consultation activities (eg TGIRT, CRRNT, public consultations, etc.);
  • Allow the realization of development projects