The Best Truck I Ever Owned

We Americans love our vehicles. It wasn’t until I bought the best truck that I’ve ever owned that I began to understand such devotion to machinery.

I have owned two trucks; I obtained my red 1980 Chevy S10 from my cousin. She was his pampered lady. Her perfect sleek body glistened. Her exterior beauty was matched only by her quiet inner splendor. She was young; with only 2500 miles on her, when Larry was forced to part with her. He sold her to me “to keep her in the family”.
I loved that pick-up. However, after 5 years, my own growing family necessitated me selling her. I sold her for the same amount I had paid for her. Now, you might assume that S10 was the best truck that I ever owned. She might have been, except I bought another.

In 2008, I acquired a 1999 champagne colored S10 for $500.00. The white paint splattered bed liner reminds me that she was owned by a painter. The body has marks, dents and scrapes and a little rust on it. The grill is busted. Like the lines on the face of a hard-working man, these imperfections testify to the truck’s hard work life; they show character. My favorite imperfection though is a perfect 22 bullet hole, below the speaker in the passenger-side door. Her former owner was trying to load a rifle when he accidently shot his truck. cek ongkos kirim

The interior is as rough as the exterior. The tatty bench seat; hidden beneath an American Indian Blanket, is uncomfortable. The carpet is thread bare. However, what she lacks in beauty and comfort she makes-up in character and performance. This little 5 speed is smooth as silk. The engine purrs and I can run three weeks on a single tank of gas. She is even tempered; she has never failed to start during our Midwest winters, nor did she even come close to over-heating during the record- heat this past summer. With nearly 200,000 miles on her, she still runs like a charm and with the new sound system I had installed, she rocks! I wouldn’t trade her for a new Lexis; this tuck is more than just a truck; she has character and charm and is still dependable; and that is why she is the best truck I’ve ever owned.