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One crisis after another has occurred during the past few years. Additionally, the nation might not have enough homes or other necessary infrastructure if the U.S. construction industry cannot find a solution to the skilled worker shortfall. The co-owner and business development manager of Indianapolis-based hiring firm Cruitfly, Dean Kinslow, is of the opinion that improving the workforce for construction companies is the only way for America to “Build Back Better.”

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During 2.2 million job opportunities are anticipated in the construction sector over the next three years. Contractors that are having trouble filling vacancies are increasingly more concerned about the booming need for qualified personnel.

Dean Kinslow

Contractors have made an effort to solve the issue, much like the most helpless businesses in a crisis. They have poured money into it. The average wage rise for skilled and general labourers in the construction sector over the previous year was 6%. It is the country’s fastest-growing pay increase.

Some people do not, however, believe that income increases alone will resolve the issue. There must be a more effective strategy that provides solutions.

Although some areas of construction have seen a rise in pay, Kinslow claims that general construction is still deficient. In order to demonstrate to contractors that there is enough of quality available if you know what to search for, they decided to apply their expertise to a more specialised niche within the construction business and employ competent and dependable employees. Their objective is to give contractors access to a workforce that can perform at higher levels.