It is time to learn about a great personality

Every individual is motivated by a certain person and those persons will be filled up with enthusiasm that is unaccountable. I think these people always have a dream in their life and a single central idea for which they work in their whole life. This core attachment to their values inspires all others around them and this wave spreads all over from the central origin.

But unfortunately finding a woman in such positions is very rare and also it is often considered that this is the ground of gentlemen.  But Mariyam Dawood proved this wrong through her charity towards the improving the life conditions of the youth. They have organised many events including a magic show and a buffet for them in order to make them more attentive.

Mariyam Dawood

Why Mariyam has delivered great things?

We should approach this from a very different point of view as of now; many women are emerging successful both in social settings and also in business. Now-a-days many popular woman faces (other than heroines and models) are finding the front pages of journals which clearly depicts the current status of women in this capitalistic world.

I can point you out one such personality named Mariyam Dawood and she along with her husband has contributed to medical research. In addition they have created a great complex for the organ transplantation. This facility helps people to have their organs transplantation and even the complex heart transplantation takes place here at a nominal cost.