Before planning, it is important to decide which conservatory design is the right one for your wishes. So you should primarily ask yourself whether you want to build a cold or warm sunroom.

Cold sunrooms are as the name suggests, they are completely unheated and therefore naturally cheaper to buy. They are well suited to overwinter plants in them but have less insulation than warm sunrooms. Cold sunrooms also tend to form condensation on the panes more quickly. Nevertheless, this type of construction offers advantages, as it allows a pleasant place to stay in spring and autumn so it would be better to add a sunroom in Des Moines, IA.

Most people opt for warm sunrooms, also known as residential sunrooms. This variant is pleasantly heated all year round to an average temperature of 19 ° C and can therefore be used in both summer and winter. Residential sunrooms also have better insulation than cold sunrooms, which can be made possible, for example, by triple glazing. When planning, it is important to ensure that the appropriate building permit is obtained and that the sunroom meets the guidelines for energy saving. If you cannot decide, temperature-controlled residential sunrooms are a suitable compromise: These are heated a little in the winter months so that the climate is also more pleasant for plants.


Residential sunrooms expand the living space and that they automatically provide more space. Whether you place the dining table in it, set up a new living room or just hang a hammock in it – in any case, you can enjoy the maximum living quality and feel like you are in a green oasis. If home conservatories are equipped with sun protection, heating and efficient ventilation, you can use them all year round without suffering from extreme heat or cold.

sunrooms also only offer advantages for plants, the winters are sometimes icy, which many plants would not survive outdoors. Suitable protection is therefore necessary. The residential sunrooms offer enough space for small and large potted plants, which at the same time create a summery atmosphere.